The best decision you can ever make

How did Vocal Media find you? 

Vocal Media found me via Twitter due to the fact that my blog feed goes via there once it’s published, I’m not too sure how long they’ve been watching me with my blogs going up. Everyday, every week, every month of every year. I can’t even keep up myself to be honest with you; however they found me, direct message me via twitter and I had a look at it. 

What made you go with Vocal Media?

To be honest I didn’t even know what Vocal Media was to be honest; I was happily doing my blogs on my normal blog website, I still do because it’s my main site everything has to go on there first unless if it’s a good blog then I’ll submit it to Vocal Media. So basically at the time of looking at it; I signed up to it to begin with because I thought I might as well, but I still didn’t understand it to begin with so I messages back to the person on Twitter to begin with. 

In my opinion didn’t really help as much of answering my questions; so I sent an email to the site to which I got a reply back from someone, who was really helpful and became a good adviser. Which really helps me to improve my work a lot better and more focus on what I needed to do. 

Will Vocal Media help you to improve your work?

In a lot of ways Vocal Media help you to explore lots of different ways of writing your blogs in so many ways; they have lots of categories that you can write for, the format is quite easy to use and different to the format that you use on your own website. 

It took me a few attempts to work it out and getting to the point of why it kept on coming back unapproved. Got me thinking why isn’t my work good enough? Why isn’t it letting me post things? The person who contacted me didn’t really explain it properly and plus they didn’t really help as much as there was no information about the site what so ever. Well what I could find anyways. So I emailed the site management time with my questions; might of threatened to leave the site because I couldn’t get it to work, obviously it wasn’t me doing anything wrong it was the guidelines that they follow. Might need to make the guidelines a bit more clearer on the website guys; if you want to attract more writers in, just a tip maybe up to you to decide. 

Anyways so this lovely lady who is amazing and a star in my eyes and a great mentor for me any road up; came back to me with all the information that I needed, ever since then I drop here an email saying a blog post is about to come your way. Let me know if everything is cool and it’s in the right category or even if I put it in a category of what I think it might be; then say I think it might to be in the other category, not 100% sure sometimes I’m right on cue I’ve got it in the right category and sometimes she comes back to say “your right it should be in that other category that you said. I’ll swap it over and publish it for you” for that to be able to work I wouldn’t of been able to progress further in my writing career if I didn’t have that mentor or support.

Do you put all of your work up on there or do you pick and choose which ones?

I don’t put all my work up there because I think it would be too much in one go; secondly I rather pick and choose which ones that will do well, and which don’t go so well. This is because it shows that at the end of the day I know which ones I can earn a living out off and the ones that I won’t make a living out off. Like for example this one and yesterday’s (Sunday 17th June 2017) blog post will be a good one to be posted up on Vocal Media because I have the gut instinct of these two posts will do well than others. 

All you have to do is a leap of faith and chance it. At the end of the day you think why didn’t I do that; I could of been living my dream as a writer by now, you know what? I’m glad that I took that leap of faith because if I didn’t I would still be wishing and dreaming away the things that I could of done. 

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