Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – “What gets you inspired?”

The fact that I am going to write the most boring opening sequence you could ever ask for because I didn’t know how to start this topic for this week; I even looked it up to see how I could start this blog off, but it seems that you can’t get first lines generator for blogs. That’s like my first go to thing when I get stuck for writing and want to make the best opening to draw my readers in. 

Normally that gets me inspired to have a good blog or story to write on a good day; sometimes I get inspired by things like what I have done in the day or what I have brought, my sisters kittens got me to keep on going with my writing and etc. I do have days I can’t get inspired by things so I take a bit of a break or look up Pinterest for ideas and etc so I know what I could do. 

Yeah I hade days that I find it hard to know what to write or I’ve been so busy that I can’t get a blog out in time or I’ve been so busy and just fall asleep. The fact that being inspired by people who never gave up on things gives me some sort of hope of not giving up either. 

All I have to say don’t give up on things that you actually want to do with you’re life especially if writing is your life. You will always find away to get inspired no matter where you are or what you do. 

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