Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: The day you realise you won’t get much time blogging as you use too.

These are sad times there’s no denying it. Your blogging ministry will remain strong. School will not take that away from you. No matter how much homework and revision you will have to have this year. You will always have your blogs to help you relax in between them all.

(3.9.18) Today is the day before you go back to school in the U.K. I don’t know if that’s the same as everyone in the rest of the world or not; I personally can understand the whole I wish I didn’t have to go back to school, I wish I had more time off and etc.

Don’t panic. You will have time to blog in between homework, school, clubs and etc that might take up you’re time. Just fit it around it all and allow time to yourself and enjoy what you do in you’re free time. Unless you are wanting to become a writer focus on that in your free time; explore many different ways of writing whilst using your blogging, and expand just don’t talk about where you go to school.

You never know who’s reading it and come to you’re school claiming that they are a relative or a friend of you’re parents because they can well and truly tracked you down. Ideal is don’t put where you’re schools location is or your home location is when you are blogging.

Just don’t give up because school says you can’t do that or your can’t do this. Trust me I played the school game and then continued work along with my writing because at the end of the day writing is my life. Don’t let people say you can’t do something because they’ve given up on their dreams.

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