Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – My two current favourite apps

On Thursday I think it was it could might as well be on Friday last week I had two awesome apps for my iPad (by the way I’m not being sponsored for this) called “MindNode” and “TabletJournal” they are so awesome I fell upon them whilst looking through the whole App Store and I thought why not give them both a go to see what they are like.

Oh my word they are so good you could barely imagine; the reason for this is because it has unleashed my short stories that I’ve been struggling to write for a very long time without any prompts, not saying my daily challenges or any other stories that I’ve written in the past needed the apps but for me personally I found that they’ve woken up an old part of me that I use to do all those years ago. 

I use to do mind maps and everything in journals pieces of paper and so on. Also answer questions that I would write about to get me thinking of what story I wanted to write about. This was when I had word on my old laptop before it dyed on me for being so old; to which I had to buy a new laptop which was Apple Mac Pro I think it was then I sold it, which is annoying but I do hope I get a new one soon and do things again that I want to use it for. 

However my iPad has worked its wonders for now for over a year so it’s all good I like it. Mindnode is basically an app that you can create a mind map of what you want to do whether it’s for blogs, stories, business ideas and etc it’s so handy that you can create lots of different colours with it and many more ways to be creative with it that can help you.

TabletJournal app is like a normal like journal but on a app; you can use it for anything to be honest, I’m just going to use it for my short stories because I find it easier to answer my questions that I have planned out on Mindnode and be able to expand how I want to do but also to know the outline of the story before I write it completely. I use to do this sort of thing years ago to fill in the gaps with questions and colour code them so I know which ones are which. I am so ocd when it comes colour coding and organisations with my blogs and stories. 

You may find it with my pictures there’s certain things that I do with my pictures where I have to have the right sort of pictures for certain categories to the best of my ability. Presentation for me is important for me whether it’s for myself or for you guys. 

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