Learn from it!

Remember when you were going to do something; to which you had something that you were going to do, yet you spend two days that someone got you to make the priority over, now your in the dog house because your so behind.

When you have schedule planned out of what you need to do that week; you soon realise without that things go out of the window, when you need to do other things on which leads to two days of not being able to do anything. That’s when your work has piled up that you should of done in the two days that you were doing other things; never again I’m going to do that again I don’t think, unless I have pre-planned the whole thing what I’m writing and have the scheduled for that week. 

I for one normally quite good at doing it a week early than I should of done; I guess I learn from it now, knowing that I don’t have enough man power to help me do everything. I practically spent all afternoon on Tuesday 19th July 2017 catching up on paperwork which I’m nearly done I think not hundred percent; there are somethings that need to be written up onto the proper recording sheets, working on Teenagers Life Crisis at 3pm. To which when I posted it on my other paid website I didn’t have enough words; so I had help in writing more to boost it up, along side reposting it again on my own website with the update and take the old one down. But I have kept both together so I have the evidence of what I have written before and what the update version is now. 

That was all on Tuesday. On Wednesday 20th July 2017 whilst having appointment with someone for personal reasons; I managed to keep up to date with blog posting, I had time to focus with more on what needed to be done such like getting another post up for that day or two…when you know that you have the one that you have scheduled for that day as you already pre planned it all the following week. Whilst planning the rest of the week event blogs and have them scheduled. On top of that blogging paper work; it does bother me that much to be honest whilst my iPad is on charge, I can do that as I have everything in front of me and enough to get on with whilst that’s charging. 

I pretty much do everything on my iPad really; except my notes if I have ideas or transferring things over to my notebooks, then I would have the back up of what I need to do and what I have done on that day. When it comes to the day that I have nothing to write about I can just have a field day of paperwork; I am looking for that day to happen but currently it’s not going to happen anytime soon, that reminds me I need to do a colour chart for Vocal Media so I know what colours are for which blog posts when I’m writing up the data collection. See I have so many ideas and everything but there’s only one of me to do it all at the moment. 

As soon as I have everything sorted; I know what I’m doing, things are starting to run smoothly and getting paid for the blogs etc. I can start thinking about taking people on maybe and give them certain people the jobs that need to be doing. At the moment; I am know where near of doing that at the moment, because my work ethic at the moment keeps on swapping and changing at the moment. I haven’t even found the correct way of doing it now; on the plus side I like the one that I’m currently working on at the moment, but….there’s always a but with this one. How long is it going to last if you ask me….

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