Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Consistence of blogging

Word up people! How we are all doing today? Another glorious sunny warm day for a Bank Holiday Weekend yes the UK gets two in one month and then a week of Half Term that’s if you work in a school or transport you get these nice holidays. I did plan a Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging Sunday  (27.5.18) I didn’t really like it so Monday of all days (28.5.18) I decided to write a bit of a better one that makes sense to me. 

The fact that the heat doesn’t help nor my room or my iPad getting warm I just want to sleep yes I didn’t get to sleep until gone 3 am last night once again thank you ever so much mental health. I’m fighting to stay awake to get this blog up and running as soon as possible and make some sense of it all. My bad guys I fell asleep due to the heat haha. 

So much of me being so consistent of being blogging; that’s right consistent of blogging is where you have to have some sort game plan of what you want for the week, knowing what content you want to talk about by planning something or know roughly what you want to write about or talking about. 

Being consistent of blogging is always a good thing by coming up with new content to draw your readers, viewers and new readers/views. Always go back to what your original ideas but create a different way you never done it before. However there are lots of things that bloggers could possibly discuss, disagree or even biker about something that’s not true. 

Most of them will agree on some areas of this consistency of blogging is practice, practice, practices don’t give up because if blogging extremely important that’s if you want to succeed online for yourself which is a good reason and the motivation for your success is doing it for yourself no one else. There is several good reasons for having an outlook when it comes to blogging; you will find dedicated bloggers out there who are much closer to success than I dedicated ones, there is absolutely no denying that and you wonder why you think blogging is so important.

You starting to question why is blogging so important to me? As I mentioned at the top I’m quite bad at being consistent of blogging recently however you guys know that I come back with some better content and know what to expect when I apologise if I haven’t posted anything for awhile. Yet I’ve been quite consistent over recent weeks; however blogging can be a consistent basis that makes a huge difference, you may find some people is a consistent by daily blogging while for others once a week that normally does the trick. Honestly it doesn’t make that much of a difference you are the boss at the end of the day as long as you set up an expected schedule you can stick to it. Decision of being realistic by posting, scheduling you know you can hit the consistently and be charge of what you want from there.

Loyalty of being online can be attention that could span over so many generations; while plenty of bloggers are being successful with a once a week, some can get away with a couple posts a month and you won’t find any blogger out there who go silent for several months on end that they can pick up where they have left off. A long absence can mean lose the following that’s just the way it is at the end of the day. I know it sounds harsh sand critical about the consistent of blogging but that’s how life is at the end of the day. I’ve had that done to me a few times but like I said I always apologise and keep my followers updated. That shows the loyalty of what’s happening they respect that because they know that they can look at the other blog posts that I’ve written before. 

Main keywords in that stand out to you and also when your writing your blogs you can try to involve combination of words that may never been used before use it in your blogs. The more post, the more exciting words you find and use you will find that readers come to your blogs more often and knowing you’re regulars. Having regular readers along with the words that draw them in makes them want to come again and wanting more from you.

Authority can help make you a stronger and better blogger which doesn’t happen overnight. The more that the authority that you produce due to the quality of the content post after post for dozens to hundreds of posts. It will take a wide variety of your time to build up the vault of good content to which the constant blogging and adding content is and you can trust what you need in order to rise to the top of any niche you create. 

Google likes fresh content and many other search engines love fresh content for a variety of reasons. Aside from all the keywords that help with your new content having the consistent updates means that you’re site will be crawled on a regular basis and visitors who will become readers that will spend more time reading the city tent and staying on the page. 

By having low bounce rate and a longer average visit time per visit on your site. Google likes to see visitors who will take some time to stay on the page and they hate seeing people show up then immediately leave. By taking fresh content that will help by taking care of both of those issues in one sweep swoop. 

I wasn’t expecting to write a long Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging but with the research that I have found and changing it into my own words it helps me to understand and to know what to expect what to write and know for the next time I need to do to improve. Adding fresh high quality content on a consistent basis should be you’re number one importance especially for all bloggers and new bloggers. Blogging consistently will also help you find your voice, your tone and overall will improve your overall writing. Nothing beats repetition as a blogger.


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