How to become a better writer?

How to become a better writer for me is to be able to explore more ways within yourself on how you want to do things; what do you actually want to write, research on other authors, bloggers and etc to see what they use and how to be tactical with it all. This is where you don’t actually steal their way of writing; but adapt and adopt it to the way you want to write your work, this way you can find yourself in the moment of using what you have and expand it more. 

Over the years I’ve been creating lots of different ways to help me to be more flexible; more creative, more useful to improve my work. It’s like a trial and error for me when I think “oh that won’t work…let’s try it this way?” Or “let’s do it that way” either way don’t panic on how much time you have waisted. It’s better to keep updating your style of writing along side how you organise the way you do things. 

It maybe like “ahh I can’t do this I want to give up and stick to my bad habits” you’ll be fine your bad habits are like there telling you; if you don’t change now you’ll won’t approve your writing skills, believe me I’m always improving things it’s not wrong to improve areas that your weaknesses show because you can turn them from a negative to a positive. 

The amount of times I wanted to scream; shout, saying my work isn’t good enough and etc. Believe when I look back now I was like actually no one actually read my stuff before college; only my sister actually heard my stories to which she knows how good my work is, until I went to college and then I went to go on to blogging years later. If it wasn’t for blogging I wouldn’t of found out how good my work is until the number of views started coming. 

I’ve found an article the 10 simpler ways of becoming a writer on a website called The Muse. This helps you to understand; how to work with your writing and your skills that you want to improve on. Click this link to go to the website to read more about it.

On Pinterest you can lots of boards for writers and bloggers to help and guide you to what you would like to write along with how you can present it the way you want to. There are boards about what you wish you knew before you started and what mistakes that you should avoid; personally I wouldn’t read them because I rather teach myself then someone telling me what I should avoid and what I should do, I know that this sounds a bit of a hypocrite because I’m telling you how to become a better writer. I’m not going to stop you from reading them; it’s just my view of things you might pick up their bad habits or you may think actually that actually works for me, not sure what their problem is. At the end of the day I’m just giving you advice on how I do things and how things work with me. It’s not the end of the world for people saying different things but it’s your mind, your work, you choose how you want to work and write your grovvey stuff. We all in the same boat giving each other guidance and advice. 
All the best 


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