How do you store your notes and plan what you going to write?


I thought as I wrote my story planning and notes; on how I use them in the way I do, but also compare it to my way of doing things with my blogging. You may think “Oh she does it the same way as she does with her stories”. Wrong! I do absolutely differently to my story writing; well only one thing that is different way of doing things, plus it’s a whole lot easier for me to do so.

How do you store your notes and plan what you are going to write?

Well this may stun you in away of why doesn’t it work the same as the story creative; let me begin, I have a notebook full of notes that I treat like a bible in so many ways. It keeps things ideas for blogs, stats notes if I haven’t done them yet, the orders or things that I need to do and many more. This is because everything that I do has to go in that book and that book only; I may not look at it if I’m too busy doing other things like keeping up with paper work or blogging or something, sometimes I have to look at it for ideas or have I got titles that I need to place into the correct places. 

I know I’ve got some stuck in there that needs to be typed up but haven’t got round in doing it. I’ve also stuck on the nice cover some tags that I had made for it so I know that is the one for my blog notes; so that I won’t get it mixed up with my story notebook and inside I stuck a label on it, which says something like “lizzysweeklyblogs notebook one 2015 -” so that I know when I have finished the notebook I can put the year that I had finished and start a new one so that I don’t have loads of notebooks dotted around with bits and pieces all over the place.

It’s up to you how you want your blog notebook to look like; I wanted to share with you how I do things with mine, as you can see in the picture I have a theme of lots of pieces of paper all different sizes and what not. Along with my story notebook full off notes. 

The next question is how do I transfer my notes into blogs and etc? Do I have to get another notebook to write down what I would like to write? For me I do everything on my iPad for that; it’s easier for me to get all of my ideas down on to one document or two, this is because when I have an idea I need to get down as fast as I can. To the point of I know it’s going to be up in seconds when it’s done. 

I also have created notes on my iPad that I can file straight into my files that cleverly labeled; sorry I’m one of those OCD people who like things organised and when something needs to be done, it has to be done. Especially when it comes to my hobbies I’m specially OCD about I have to have everything in the right place in the correct order; I haven’t noticed it until I’m at work I sort out some files out, I’m like omg this is a mess and then I tidy it up and people go into it and either break the subject dividers or the polly pockets or even both. I’ve been like that for years even when I was little I use to be organising something and sometimes I wouldn’t understand why on some days that it’s not going to happen. I would throw a strop because it’s mucking up my system of things in my everyday life. I’m not OCD for anything else except my creative and some certain things in my life. I know I’m weird. I hope this helps; you just need to find your own leash of what is suitable for you at the end of the day, something’s work for me and something’s don’t work for me. That’s life I suppose.

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