How do you start turning your blogging into a business?

The thought of turning my blog into a business; is hard work but very rewarding, also for filling at the same time. It can also be frustrating at times as well when you have days that you feel like your not getting anywhere.

Turning a blog into a business can be very hard to start straight away; where you haven’t got the correct bits and pieces to be able to start living off your blog work weather it’s YouTube or writing blogs, you have to do it on the side lines of a job that pays you in the time being. 

In which in the mean time you can save money that way; also to build up your viewers and readers as you go along, whilst creating videos and blogs I recommend that you keep a record of each day, each week and each month of how much you bring your viewers/readers in. This shows how much you have made the progress of what you have done; but also when you build up the credit of your hard work, starting to making contacts within the year or so. Your able to adventure out a bit more; this also you can get contacts coming to you as well to help you build up your youtube / Blogging world, believe me all this will help with your social media skills that you use to market your blogs. 

I want to guide you on recourses that I use to help me to build up the world of Lizzysweeklyblogs. The recourses that I use for Lizzysweeklyblogs are from Pinterests, social media, word by mouth and slowly by emails. Not particularly like emails as you don’t really get much of a response than social media but you have to do it anyway because at the end of the day you have to cover everything. 

What I get out of Pinterest?

You can use Pinterest as a blog platform to advertise your blogs or videos. I use Pinterest as for ideas and what I think may help me record, plan and many other things. Things such a like of Social Media Planner, Blog Post Planner, by My May Sunshine, Long Term Goal, Short Term Goal, Daily/weekly sheet, by, Habit Tracker by Clementine Creative, Daily Goal Tracker, by, Habit Tracker by Life On Matter, Monthly Blog Planner, Yearly Glance Blog Planner by Unknown, Blog Planner/Social Media by The B Bar, 

What I get out of creating my own sheets?

Making your own tracking, schedule and many more is to show that you are cable of showing your creativity and how you work. I created my own monthly reviews sheets so that I know that I can see how everything works but also there wasn’t really much to look on Pinterest that I could use at the time. 

I also use small little journals to record my data collection so that when I have the time I can write them all up onto the sheets that I have copied. I also have ones originals that are laminated; when I have run out of the copied ones, I can photo copy the original ones to how many I need at the time I need them. 

How do you stay on top of all your paper?

To be honest with you. I have struggled to stay on top off it to be perfectly honest; I only just sat down over the weekend to see where I have got up too, then I soon realised that I have missed placed all of my May logs, data work and everything else somewhere. I have no idea where I have put it but fortunately I managed to pull out a few sheets that I can lay my hands on; got back to my own website to pull off the months data collection for that month but not the blogs that I did for the month, it doesn’t matter too much but it would of been nice to know what days I posted without going back two months worth of blogs to fill in the blanks. If it turns up it turns up and I’ll attach it to the copied ones that I have recreated. 

Fortunately the past two months or so since may I have been transferring my sats collection data into my little notebooks; along with the days of what I had published on that day, so when I do actually have the time to get round to it, I can pull out the sheets and say ‘oh yeah that day I did etc’ so I can fill in my daily/weekly sheets for that week with out any problem what so ever. 

Where do you keep all of your paper work? 

I have three files that have got set titles on the binding of the A4 larch lever file; ‘Blog Post’ ‘Stats and many more’ and then ‘Goals Victory’, each one has its uses and divided into sections so that when I go back to the files I know where too look and what I need. Also to put the work into the correct categories without muddling them all up. 

I hope that this will help you to know how to start organising yourself of what you need to do when you want to start a business. I do recommend that you start out the basics of what I have done to start with; because you never know when you need the proof of what you need to take with you, when the time comes to the whole opening a business back account. Just work on building up to the creditable of your blog/youtube business; your name, your reputation and last but not least your style of how you are working. I will revisit this in a few months time to share my progress with you and how I manage to do it on my own. 

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