How do you plan in batches of blogs for the week?


Introducing…the one and only…hustle and bustle of blogging Advice with Lizzy. That’s right with the one and only. Me Lizzy Arrow. Not Harrow, not Aaron or any other way that you may think I might of said to you face to face or over the phone. It is Arrow like bow and arrow that you use for archy. So many people asked me how to spell it; I just want either curl up in a ball or just collapse on the sofa, then hang up and cry. 

In today’s Hustle and Bustle of Blogging Advice world that you have now entered in on with a bow and arrow is; how do you plan batches of blogs for the week? That my dear fell readers this is why you are here; that’s also why I am here to explain to you, how it all works. 

I’m quite optimistic that doing batches of blogs for the duration throughout the week is so far quite easy to do; once you know what you want to write about, it saves you time thinking of what you are going to write for the day or even if your so tired that you have realise that you have to write a blog for the day. 

Having blogs written for in advance; can give you more time to plan for the next weeks blogs, but also as you write them you can remember that you are also look back at what you have done the week before. Which you can look back at your word document; to be able to see what you have done, and also see if you can do a follow up from that blog if it’s worth while doing. 

It’s also a trail and error. This means that it could work doing it in blocks of 6-7 blogs a week or it may not work; you never know what’s going to happen if you don’t try it out, that’s what the best thing about being a blogger/writer you never know to take a leap of faith if something may or may not work for you. That’s what I believe anyway as I’m taking a massive leap in taking this challenge; if it doesn’t work then it’s okay, I won’t try it again I’ll go back to the drawing board and work something out that could be much better than before.

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