How do you finish off the month with blogs?

How to finish off the month with blogs?

To be able to finish off a month with blogs I generally find it hard in some months but not in all the months; this month especially I’ve been grateful to get monjority of it all to done in one day so I can focus next months a gender, whatever that maybe when it comes we will find out. 

Having a day to be able to think, write, post or schedule for the next day or the few days later; is a god send because I don’t have to worry about it on the day, if I’m so tired or not feeling well or I’m busy for whatever reasons it is, I have something in place ready and not having to worry about the whole problem with what to write. All I have to worry is the paper work afterwards; which is confusing if I haven’t done anything over the month but luckily I have sorted out a system on which I’m hoping that it will work better next month than this month, as it’s all over the place.

To be able to just plan a head of the week is the best time today if you can; knowing what day goes where what the topic that you used, also to be able to have them in their correct sections/categories when your writing them out and that’s when you know you’ve done them if you had labeled at the bottom in red with a subject line before it saying when you have written, when you have completed, when you published it or schedule it and most importantly what categories you have put them under so you know what you have done. All of this helps me in a long run so that I can be able to update my own paperwork and have a look of what I have done. 

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