Day 3 of 30 Days Challenge of Autumn: The success of getting X amount of likes on my facebook page

Positive outcome that I needed was looking at my facebook page that I created when I first started my blogs; the fact that I started out with at least 35 likes some where just friends and family, since August I took a risk on the promote me page which took me up too about 2,600 likes roughly around that number and that’s when it stopped. Since then I was starting to loose my likes it didn’t matter to me as much but then; it did start getting to me just about, I know I should of let that get to me and I tell you guys all the time to not beat yourself up about a few hick ups once in awhile. Unless you know that taking the risk again like you did the first time around paid off; why not do it again and see where it will take you this time, and that’s what I did I took another risk in doing so. To which leads me to show you what to look out for if you are on facebook and like the page and how many likes that I have received so far.

I will be doing a normal hustle and bustle advice of blogging this week as I didn’t get a chance to do so this week Monday 23rd October 2017 as I was being a bit of a arse and couldn’t think or do anything other than looking at the blank piece of paper on my screen of my iPad after deleting the original cope of what I started with as I didn’t feel comfortable with at the time.

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