3 Things that I always have with me and why


Blogging is also part of Writing Career; it’s another foundation of becoming a writer by its own trade, a trade that people lots of people think they aren’t doing much and they are doing it just for fun. If you think about it. If you ask a teenager these days; “what do you do after school for fun?” I write blogs or I make YouTube videos, they don’t even realise they are still learning. It’s a catch 22 they really don’t see that they’ve been caught out. That’s another topic for next time I think; I may of opened up a can of worms on that one, I believe. 

3 Things that I have with me and why

Recently I’ve just got myself back into taking things that I may need when or if I come up with an idea. The three things that I take with me are, a notebook, stationary that I need and my ipad; I only take my iPad if I know that I’m going to be away from the house longer than I anticipated, however if I had my notebook and Post It’s etc I should be able to get by. 

The reason I have these things is because I never know when I get an idea; weather I’m on my breaks at work, if I’m out and about or even when I’m just at home there’s always ideas coming to mind that needed to be done. 

I always find that having these things on me are useful because it’s better than having make up in my bag to top up my face or my lips. You don’t really need to top of your face or anything if you have done it properly and the way you do it. Having the things that I really need is the ones that I can use when people need a piece of paper; like taking people’s orders when we are out having lunch somewhere different, it comes handy to have for to record. 

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