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Apologise for not blogging as much last things happened and everything else. I couldn’t think what to write and etc. Yet I had this topic idea last week because it literally happened but yet I was having fun out so I didn’t know anything happened to be quite honest. I was pretty much happy being out of the house for a change and spending it with a friend. 

Some youtubers say it’s due to theses hackers called “Game Masters” and “Zargo Project” something rather to be perfectly honest with you it could be just a technical glitch to be quite frankly with you. Yes so many people get paid for making YouTube videos and etc which I can understand but going over board with it all really. Especially when everyone takes by storm about the time where the whole world looses Youtube for x amount of hours; it happens time to time where there’s glitches  doesn’t mean your whole world comes tumbling down because of it, there is other ways of doing it and what not. 

I could be just old fashioned to be honest but I get glitches on WordPress quite a lot but I don’t make a complete drama about it. I just write and wait until it comes back up or see what the problem is. 

All I’m saying is that if it goes down it’s not the end of the world stop being a snowflake there is other ways of doing it whilst it’s down because there’s always someone trying to fix the glitch one way or another and most importantly don’t be an idiot and ring the police saying that Youtube is down because it’s that’s really unnecessary what can they do. Absolutely nothing it’s not a crime. I read it on a tweet somewhere; seriously that’s just over bored to be honest with you, it’s like telling my autistic cousin ringing up the police about something that’s really silly and guess what he actually doesn’t go and do it because he knows it wastes their time. I just don’t understand why or what goes through peoples heads when they do these things. 

Just be patient and it will come back up when the problem is solved it really is end of the world. 

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