Lizzy’s Online Blog Journal: Obstacles of being a blogger

In today’s hustle and bustle advice of blogging session we have the obstacles of being a blogger. This covers all areas of media such as two main ones that I know off is Blogger Writer and YouTuber; the only two that I actually know about this is because my sister is a YouTuber and I’ve also seen how hard it is to blog everyday for the rest of the YouTuber community. As I struggle these days blogging just normally but yet I still find away of doing something and post it up. However I’m going to base this session on writing purposes; this will cover all other areas as well to help you get past them, the fact that I’m doing this right now is because it will help me go through my obstacles that I am in right now.

Obstacles that I’m facing all the time:

– Thinking that my writing and the work that I do put into it. Isn’t great because I believe in my thoughts of negative and how rubbish I am in writing. No confidence in myself to get something worth doing.

– Fear of being judged by critics that who are jealous of your talent because they can’t do it; for example: “your work is rubbish. I can do so much better than that”, yet they don’t have anything up to show how good they really are.

– Fear of not getting a good audience of people to keep on coming back; makes you feel like your trying to hard to impress people, or no one really likes you or your work and think someone tipped them off for not reading any of your work.

– People contact you saying you can get x amount of followers/subscribers if you use this cheat.

– People pretend to be who they are but they aren’t especially if they are businesses people that you may not of heard about.

How do we over come them?

To be able to over come these types of obstacles is by believing in yourself and don’t give a damn about what people think. You are doing it for yourself and yourself only.

– To kick people arses who are jealous of your success.

– Believe that your work is better than anyone else’s.

– Doing it all for yourself and no one else

– Believe your work is something that is your own unique pleasure and having fun doing it.

– Ignore your critics and listen to your positive critics the more positive critics can over turn your loser critics.

– Don’t worry about your audience as much as you should because they will come to you when they are ready; don’t go to them and bribe them by using a cheat app of getting x amount of followers/subscribers, because at the end of the day you still feel like you haven’t earned them on the way you like to.

– People who claiming that they are from a famous company or a company that you may not of heard off; just check them out, ask questions and have a look at their website but also get someone else’s second opinion about it all as well. You never know if they could be frauds or not

Being Successful:

The number of ways of being successful is being staying true to who you are; how you want to run your website, how you want to do things your way and you don’t have to follow the trend that everyone else is doing. Defeat all of the obstacles that stand in your way because they are there to be defeated not to stop you from doing what you love doing.

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