Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: When my head decides to stop screaming!

As you may of noticed that I haven’t posted much recently but I’ve been trying when my head decides to stop screaming at me causing me to have a headache. No matter how much I try to push through it all it’s a lot harder to think what to write and what to write about. However I’ve recently paid a monthly thing on iTunes where I can find songs that I like to listen to and etc. My closest friend introduced to to me I was like well this is dangerous for me in the first place since paying for the month I’ve downloaded way too many songs even songs that I use to listen that I haven’t heard in years.

Hoping some of the songs will give me some sort of an idea for things to help me get back into the writing side of things. I’ve finally decided to write up my blog post titles that I have written over the past three months in a neat tidy book; bits of loose scrap pieces of paper have become rather annoying to say the least, but it good sense at least I’m looking at the titles that I have done so far I can think about what I can do next.

It’s like going back in time to where I was struggling at the beginning of the year then became quite good at making the whole thing of loads of post about different things. Also it’s good to actually say to my head “stop screaming your fine!” I was literally plugged myself in listening to Hell on Earth the urban adventures show I think that’s what they are called haha. They are quite funny when they want to be sometimes want to punch them depending who’s being the most annoying at the time.

Yet it’s drowns out my head at the best of times. I did start this twice now once on a piece of paper and once on here. I’ve decided to combined both because all goes into one as I realised that they are both similar. I like to go over things that I’ve done in the past because at the end of the day you never know what you have done or can’t remember what you did at the time. You look back and you’re like oh yeah I did that; that was awesome because that worked really well that day or that week and so on, like you get the jist of it all.


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