Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Paperwork Of Stats

The weekend of paper work catch up was fun but good for a distraction on which I needed to do so. I managed to work out how to do my monthly stats but it was quite confusing at the time but I was going all the way back to March 17. Now I’m up to date with it all and only have two months left to go; so in the new year I can start fresh again knowing what to do with my stats for each month, might not colour code it again think that was a stupid idea that I had made.

I like to work out how to keep track of things with my blog because it gives me the confidence and the chance to actually see that my work isn’t rubbish what so ever. The fact that I can see the progress over the years of doing it all I know that I’m improving a lot in my work each time. This also gives me the opportunity to use the stats as evidence so that if people want to employ me for any of their work to be blogged about; I can show them the amount of views I get in a day, a month and a year. I still need to work out how to keep up to date with the weeks but I might just use the daily sheets to work out the week totals I suppose as it’s all there in front of me.

More sheets need to be printed off or copied I’m not too sure which one either way I need more social media sheets than before. Unless I use something else for the time being not quite sure yet either way something needs to be done. Oh the joys of not having your own office, printer and photocopier. It would be so grand to have one so that I can do it all in peace and quiet and not be disturbed. I’ll keep dreaming about it all along with getting paid for blogging as well. No harm done to be honest because I like writing at the best of times so it’s all good to be honest.

Sorry if this week is boring can’t help it but you have to have a boring one once in a while or none at all. Do feel free to ask questions about it all anyway as I don’t mind answering them.

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