Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: My biggest struggle as a blogger.

Uh, Monday again are we guys? 7:00am start 5:45am wake up but actually get out of bed between 5:45-6:15am then wait for extra 15 minutes in the cold or starting to get warm but cold again outside for someone haha. The fact that I fell asleep doing this yesterday (18.3.18) shows one of my struggles of as a blogger when I don’t sleep properly I can’t focus on what I’m doing.
Sometimes when I have a bad day or when one is ill sometimes I can’t be bothered to blog because all I want to sleep to get better or forget the day even existed to be honest. Then other times it’s easier for me to write it all out and I’ll decide whether to post it or not as I may off used it to vent and not worth posting.

I do have days where I’m struggling to come up with things like ideas because I use great ones then take a few days off or so but try something out to see if everyone will like it or not. Playing the hit and miss game of is it going to be good or not so good. Sometimes I just play games like candy crush and word scrabble on the iPad just to get ideas.

Well the snow is definitely back with the idea of an invasion because it can love the climate change to be honest. Didn’t even realise that I’ve got my cold back from the last time cheers snow won’t be happy if I lose a day of work due to snow because of it. All well what can you do to be honest.

Tiny little bits that turns into one of the biggest problems for me as a blogger as you could see. Sometimes the coldness affects  the internet and so that everything else goes wrong or the app that I use is playing up for some reason or another. I’m like why are you a pain in the arse and then I’m like oh that’s why you dumb arse. Haha yeah I do talk myself down when something like that happens. Would love to document what I actually say to myself to show you guys how negative I can be towards myself on a bad day. Haha not sure if I would share it or not though….

The fact that I just wrote this in advance I might actually have a snow day off but on the adverse side of things it would be my normal start on a Monday morning and by still be at work whilst this is being published as I scheduled it. Yep definitely tired and stressed haha starting to notice that I’m struggling with words whilst reading it in my head. Haha… such fun.

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