Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: How I come up with new blog post ideas (shout-outs appreciated!)

Your probably why is she writing for help for ideas when she’s always got one blog after another. Surely she has enough to go on? To be honest once I’m on a roll I’m fine I can just about to manage but when my mind just goes blank and Frank gets out of his cage then does his routine with the keys and Joanna does the chasing. That’s when I start to wonder where all of my ideas start to disappear and then I have to stop for a while to be able to collect my thoughts because Frank has messed up my paperwork inside my head.

Yes Frank I’m talking about you. Alright you can stay out for a bit longer but don’t touch anything okay?….I mean it Frank because Duncan isn’t here to look after you when your out of your cage on a Monday morning. Sorry about that guys Frank is Duncan’s pet frilled neck lizard. Now where were we. Ah yes how can you come up with best ideas for your blogs?

The best way of having best ideas for your blogs is to take a notebook and pen go for a walk. The other ways of doing it is by researching on Pinterest or read over or watch your favourite youtubers or bloggers that you like. So that you can just get a feel of what sort of ideas that they work with on the topics but also how you could do it better but on your own take of it. The other one is also get your readers and followers involved by asking them what would they like to see and read.

CRASH! SMASH! “FRANK!” What has he done now Mrs Fizzynobody?…..oh okay not to worries I didn’t like that plant pot anyway. Apologies once again could really do is strangle his neck one day but then again I wouldn’t know what I would do without him nor Duncan.

All I can say is just play around with ideas and never give up on trying to find ways of creating new ideas for your readers and followers to keep on coming back for more. Good luck and don’t forget do let me know what you would like to read by comment below.

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