Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Every bloggers worst nightmare!

Every worst blogger feeling is when a camera battery dies on them thinking that the battery was full, the camera decides to turn off or editing goes wrong or even when the video doesn’t seem to load. You know what mine is? Correct non above because I don’t use these any of these things I just simply use pages, iPad “currently” and WordPress along with canvas and photo edit.
Each of their own silly ways they have their moments when it’s at the crucial moments whether the pages decided to go to a froze space of I’m not going to load where you were before as I know how much it was important to you. So that you have to rest the iPad by turning it off and on again. Your like really you have to do this now as your the only thing that I have that I can rely on right now you start taking ages to turn on and off again.
Sometimes WordPress decides to be almighty dosh bag because sometimes it doesn’t pick up the pictures or something was wrong then I realise that I haven’t paid for something which isn’t a yearly thing to be honest I should do so I don’t have to worry about it. When do I ever have any money to do that to be honest with you ay ay. Sometimes it just needs updating I’m like nice one iPad. Do need a laptop again it’s so much easier when I have money to save would be great to just sit and plan what I want and take out with me than looking at the screen and holding it giving me lots of pain.
Canvas app it likes to have its moments where I have an idea and it’s like “nope nope sorry not today. Any other day just not today” and I’m like “come on little fella we have to do a bit of work”; “oh p-p-please I don’t want to today” it gives up a fight and I win so that we get some sort of work done and I’ll leave it alone until I need to use it again.
Pretty much photo edit doesn’t really have an issue to be honest saying that now I’ll probably have a fight with it now. Haha. So my list of things that I want to get to replace is my laptop, iPad and camera because those are things that I really want to get back into my life so that I can focus on my creativity much more than I am now. That’s my dream for this year and onwards I suppose not sure how that will work but time and patience will tell.
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