Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Beware of hacking

Beware of hacking because last night (15.4.18) my emails got hacked not hundred percent why they decided to hack into my account to be honest but they are just low scum bags who haven’t got much better things to do of their time. Hacking can happen at anytime whether it’s your blogs, your emails, your phone, your bank (frauds) and so on. 

You have to be wary of these things because at the end of the day you’ll never know what might leak out that you don’t want to be leaked or they can put viruses on any of your emails without you knowing and people will think that you sent it but actually you didn’t. 

The best advice is every so often change your password to keep your social media, blogging world, emails and what not safe phones you can’t really do much about to be honest other than changing your number I suppose but that’s not much use to be honest.

However hackers are also cleaver with the phones as I’ve just remembered that they can claim to be you’re bank ringing you up saying that they need you’re card details and etc. Due to the fact that they try to get you worried by saying there’s something wrong with you’re account or they want to move you’re money over. Don’t! They are cleaver that way to trapping you into doing so. They are also handy on staying on the line when you think they’ve put the phone down but actually they haven’t it’s another way for them to hack into you’re account when you ring you’re bank. Especially if you’re a business they will do the exact same thing if it was you’re personal bank. 

Just be wary of what’s around you and what’s going on. Don’t leave any apps open like your online banking they will manage to figure out away to get into it no matter what. Always report it to you’re bank by going into your bank yourself to double check and report it to the police. 

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