Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: 2 Years of Blogging!

Yep you heard guys two long years of blogging. Two very long years of putting up with me and my rants, cries, happiness, craziness and wanting to give up on this whole blogging experience. If it wasn’t for you guys telling me or keep on coming back for more. I think I would of given up a lot more earlier than I intended to. If I ever say that I wanted to give up blogging again or thinking of quitting it; please do write in the comments below when I’m having a moment of madness, slap me through your screens because you guys starting to know me quite well now that I have my daft head on at the best of times.

Even Caspian has told me that I get on his nerves on the best of times because I’m so annoying and stubborn. Yet he loves me more than anything in the world. I can tell you know he’s just begging to realise what he has signed up for as a best friend. You know me guys I can’t even stand myself at the best of times but I have to live with it as I can’t physically take myself out into another room. Haha.

It was two years ago on 19th November 2015 that I had just signed up to not having a clue what I was doing what so ever. The fact that 2 years on I still haven’t got a clue in what I’m doing; yet you guys seem to know what I’m talking about as you are coming back each day reading my blogs, I must be doing something right…obviously stupid…(Thanks Ann Diversion300) yep still got it the dyslexia and language difficulties are really coming out badly recently.

The fact that this is really weird that I’m currently writing a big long blog just about my blog being two years. I always knew that it was around this time of year and this month that I first started it but couldn’t remember the date always remembered the year and the month but not the actual day. Nearly shouted out the window for someone driving up the main road fast “I hope you crash and die” or “your so not cool” I know the first one isn’t nice to say but seriously it’s just not cool man.

I was planning something completely different today’s Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging. Until I found out when the official birthday is of Lizzysweeklyblogs; I thought why not have a party today, as King Charles 2nd once said “I’m King Charles 2nd I brought back the partying”. Good old horrible histories information stays in my head. Your probably thinking what’s next year going to bring us? To be honest we all know that I’m rubbish at prepping or working on something in the distance future. I can promise you one thing. If you remember to ask me questions by 19th November 2018 I’ll give you a massive big shout out on the next birthday and answer your burning questions then as a Q&A birthday anniversary of Lizzysweeklyblogs. I will do a blog page about it all so I can remember myself; you guys know me that I have so much information going on in my head at the best of times, and forget something like who you.

I’ll let you work it out how old I was when I first started and I’ll give you a massive big shout to anyone who gets it right by 4th December 2017 in the next Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging. Please remind me that you I promised you guys a big shout out session on that day with a Q&A blogging time along with my age game. Here is a picture of me and I’ll let you guys guess how old I am. I actually want to know how old you really think I am.

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