Saturday’s Topic: Where is the safest place to be?

Welcome to Saturday’s Topic for the day on the 24th February 2018; you begin to wonder only 2nd month into the new year you think so far so good nothing bad has happened in your country, unless your in other countries who are still living in terror hoping that it would end as soon as possible and yet you wonder why other countries think it’s okay to turn on their own. What is the cause of it? What’s the agenda behind it? What is it trying to prove?
My deepest condolences and my thoughts go out to the family in the recent events of school shootings out in the US. As most of my fan base are from over there as well. I hate when it children and innocent people are involved in these dreadful things like shootings and terror attacks it’s not right. I just don’t understand how or why they want to do that; is it because they want to claim that it’s cool or other people have done it and got on the news to shock the world to say “I am here notice me!”
Not even sure what the terror attacks want but it seems to have lost all meanings throughout the years; due to certain leaders to saying that the West is taking over killing their country and their people, or they think it’s the act of god wanting them to do it so that they can go into heaven.
No matter what the reason is no where is safe anymore so than it has been. Yet we just get up and carry on like it’s another day. Showing that people don’t scare us anymore. Remember how many times we as a country had multiple of attacks like nearly every two weeks or just barely a month we just ended up running to the scene to help than running away from it; showing that people who do these dreadful things remember that they can’t break us as a country or a community, showing the whole world that they need to also stand together help their fellow citizens who have been attacked.
No matter if you’re in the EU or not but following other countries but helping the others than watch other countries take the fall and not help. It shows who’s great and stands up to the bad people not giving other people like teachers having guns to protect the class and themselves. That’s not right it has to have a great leader ship of who would help others than themselves. Yeah I just quoted something from either Harry Potter or from the bible but it’s true you have to put others before yourself who are in danger.

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