Hauls 2018 – Superdrug Hauls – Top up the old make up box (13.10.18)

My next lot of hauls from Basingstoke I have finally got the chance to top up my make up box that somehow I manage to break half way through the year. Didn’t even have it that long to be perfectly honest with you only got it last year’s Christmas but it still works if you remember that you got to use the handle as a lock when lifting it. 

I’ve finally got myself a packet of hair dye live in the colour red which cost me £5.49 I think it went up in price but I can’t remember it’s been so long since I’ve done it. Now that I’ve got it back to red and manage to cover it all over without missing bits out this time. I did it like I would out my hair extensions in to cover all of the roots and the greys that I may have received throughout the time of not dying it but then again I’m sticking to the four that I know about because I don’t want to know if I’ve got anymore. 

In the Collection section I picked up pressed powder which cost me £1.99 and sheer loose powder which cost me £2.99. I find that they are easy to manage and also stay on my face longer. I hate it when it runs out you start hitting the pan or you can’t shake anymore out when you know perfectly well that you can see there’s more inside the pot.

I’ve picked up L’Oreal True Match Foundation again as I find that it seems to last longer on my face but also its smooth and not so clumpy as I’ve had different foundations in the past. The foundation cost me £9.99.

Rimmel Super Curler Mascara finally got one of the mascaras that I normally use well not one that I normally use but the brand I would go for. I’ve learnt that since using the mascara that I needed to use one of my cheap ones first as a base coat then use it to make it stand out a bit more. To be quite honest it’s worth doing in my opinion. This cost me £6.99. 

I’ve got Revolution Concealer and Define which cost £4.00 I liked the little pot because it’s handing for me and would like to get the bigger one of it which cost £7.00. One day I’ll get it but I do find that the concealer I do have to say it’s better than Collection Concealer. 

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