Why are we still drawing up the past for the victims?

Why are we still drawing up the past for victims? 

Over the years few people have been coming to alight in our daily lives who are serving life for a reason; but in today society when you get life sentence you get 5-10 years, that’s not life. The people who are serving life sentences from 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s they had tougher sentences than from 2000 onwards; what’s changed since then? Even the people behind bars know that life is life. 

What sickens me more that the killers who had done horrific crimes all those years ago; this week are still getting the publicity that they want for their crimes, even though they are dead now. What message is that sending out to everyone? Also if you had a dying wish of not be placed where you killed someone or a few people; I’m sorry you have no say in the matter in my opinion, because if you killed innocent people for no reason then you’ll be buried where your victims were buried. 

Bear this in mind this is my own opinion in this blog; if you wanted to kill someone or something join the army, they will train you harder and make you learn from right and wrong. 

That’s for me this weeks Friday Time Recap Time; have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing, don’t get too wet or too sunburnt were ever you are in the country or round the world.

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