What certain things that make you gag?


As I write this blog on a Thursday for the Friday Time Recap Time prepared whilst fighting with a twitchy eyes and a headache; I came up with a pun sort of I’ll let you decide, as my head is slowly but surely in and out of pain.

‘ May I rain?’ Asked the big black clouds “well if I said “no” you’ll still rain, so you won’t need my permission” I replied.

What certain things that make you gag?

Well last night I didn’t get far from doing this in advance did I? Haha well thanks to the feisty rain but not a storm; I had to go to to sleep because I couldn’t look at the screen for too long as my eyes were twitching so badly and my head was bounding, my eyes weren’t helping me in the slightest.

I’m just managing to cope with my headache at the moment; better get tonight’s over and done with before anything else happens, won’t we as I’m starting to feel incredibly tired right now.

What certain things that make me gag? There’s a few things that can make gag that I can think of straight away; I wonder if you have similar things like me that make you gag, so here is my list of what makes me gag.

  • Throwing up makes me gag (I can just about manage my own as I’m use to having my head down the toilet in my early 20’s) 
  • The number 2’s everyone should know what the number 2’s are don’t they? If not it’s poo’s that’s when it makes me gag. 
  • Seeing dead animals that have been run over and etc that’s when I start to gag because you start to feel sorry for it and then your like see everything that’s inside. 
  • The meat that’s been cooking. Whatever meat it is that’s cooking; that makes me gag so much, because of the stetench of the smell just wants me to vomit so much.

Thinks that’s about it but I’m not hundred percent that’s all of them but that’s just the three of them that I could think off. I want to know what your gag habits are. Let me know down below.

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