Peer Pressure


Well, I’ve been thinking as this week; I’ve been talking in my other two events about our safety at all ages, we find peer pressure a lot of the in schools, magazine and the world of celebrities. 

Peer Pressure 

The most astonishing thing about peer pressure of all ages of life is that people have to follow every fashion, every technology, every hair style and many more. Everyone has to have the very next big thing; otherwise if they don’t, they will think that that their friends or their peers will be ashamed of them if they don’t have the next new thing. 

This will cause children to have mental health problems because people who bully others for their looks, poor backgrounds and etc will think it’s all their fault. Which will make them do drastic measures of either self-harming, suicide or even put pressure on their parents to help them look good and do things that they may regret later in life. 

Mental health problems have now been picked up now than it has been in the past years; no one really had a clue what can cause it to have it, as soon as people realise that the children are getting the symptoms. Even if the government are putting pressure onto the staff; the staff having to put it on the children, you will soon get a back lash of children of that generation being diagnosed with it. 

I didn’t really suffer much of peer pressure or anything like but did struggle with fitting in as people who had loads of friends, boyfriends and etc. I didn’t really had an easy time through school other than doing things like plays and sports etc just to get out of classes. I think that’s what got me through secondary school to be honest because I hated being in classes or something. I use to cry like maybe once or twice or maybe more when I was a school; I didn’t know why or anything until like my last two years of secondary school I kind of given up the whole I don’t give a too hot about anything, didn’t even bother claiming things for the house that I was in. 

I was known to be the quiet boffin who would cry at something; or even just get on with their work because the teacher says or things would go back to my mum, sometimes things did and it would cause tension etc. Did I know then that I had mental health problems? Probably not. Did I know then? when I could hear for the first time when I was about 4 or 5 years old! No I didn’t. Looking back at now I can perfectly say to anyone; was I under the influence of peer pressure throughout school as everyone was cleaver than me, smarter than me and have more of the social life me and have loads of friends. I probably say “yes I was”. 

Peer pressure can cause even at work because everyone has different skills, different ways of doing things, different levels no one is wrong but you can feel the peer pressure of it all when things go wrong or something. Peer pressure can be harsh and horrible. 

All I can say is speak out. Get help. Don’t shut people out. Yeah it’s frightened to speak out as you don’t know how people will react or even respond to the whole thing. The more people talk about it; the more people will recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health issues in which they can raise the alarms, on your behalf if you can’t face of telling someone you can’t trust or be judged. I’m like like my that I’m scared of being judged by someone or by people if I mention to people that I suffer with it.

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