My Community in shock? Ay which part is shock?


This got me thinking as I saw a sign for Surrey Advertiser saying “Community in shock over stabbing”; I’m like who was more shocked, the politician or the community or the people who dealt with it. So confused with that head line right now. Here’s my thought process in this blog article for you. 

My Community in Shock? Ay which part is in shock?

I just want just say I don’t even know who the people are but some people say stupid things when something like this happens on the behalf of the community; everyone has gone mad, or something that people don’t get it. 

So I’ve been living in the same town, same community and same house for 26 years; nothing has really shocked me what so ever to be honest with you, from two pubs fighting each other, to shops breaking into about 4 – 5 times and a stabbing attack that killed someone who I went to school with but left.

 Along side all of that all of the social services like police, ambulances, fire engines and St Johns Amblances but most of all helicopters going over head of your house or going up the main road. That isn’t quiet that’s noise and you get it at least 20 a day going up the road; not like I’ve been counting but it’s about that nearly everyday, believe me that this area that I live in isn’t quiet. Not sure if the politician need his head checked or something because; where has he been living that’s quite.

What gets me is that this politician thinks he’s speaking on the behalf of the community; but doesn’t he mean he’s talking about himself or something, because I don’t think everyone was shaken up about it all. It happens it happens to be honest with you; because it’s more common these days now, and also starting to be more frequent about it all. 

He must of doing it for a publicity stunt for the whole election that we had this week; I don’t know, but surely he must know my hometown and its history. Wouldn’t he? I have no idea maybe one day if I ever got to speak to him I would love to do a interview about my hometown and see how much he really knows about it. Can’t even remember his name but I know he’s a conservative that’s about it; probably most stupid guy like the rest of the politics, that are stupid enough to think that they know best. 

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