Internet Safety 


It was one night that I really couldn’t sleep; things just kept on playing over and over my head, which isn’t healthy for myself or my mental state of mind. Internet safety kept on propping up in my mind; on which we hear on how dangerous internet can be no matter where we are, or what we are doing. We just think we’re doing things so innocently; but yet at times it can cost us our lives, where no one knows what is happening. Then all of the sudden; it’s another case on the news across the whole world, that someone has gone missing or turning up dead. 

I don’t mean to frighten you; but internet is a dangerous game to play within itself, people say “oh I’ll be fine…what harm will come out of it” before it’s too late to stop it. The dreaded thing has happened; no matter how hard you try, you start blaming yourself that you could of done much better than you did. 

Internet safety isn’t just there for younger generation; it’s there for everyone to use as a guideline, it does go for young adults, adults and the elderly. All of the chat rooms; social media, internet games, videos on YouTube and many more. They all link to people who we all think are really nice; friendly, caring and think that they are our friend. Until one day they start changing their tone; once they have got you where they want you, make you do things that you don’t want you to or listen to them more over your true friends and family.

Younger generation may think that their parents maybe intervening with their lives but they aren’t really; they only care about you, want you to be safe. They will continue to care about you when your in your adult life; even when they have passed, they will still care about you know matter what. Believe me my parents care still even when I’m an adult; I’m still their child no matter what happens to me, they are always there for me when I need them.

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