How do you set up a blog notebook?


Amazing where you get your ideas from at the best of times; just had an idea in the mist of having a conversation with someone suggesting something, along with best not to say way don’t want be too gross. Haha. Might tell you might not tell you. I don’t know if it will work if you ask me. Who knows. 

How do you set up a blog notebook? 

How do you set up a blog note blog notebook? To be honest it depends on how you work; each blogger and writer work differently but they still come out successfully, but most importantly on top. You just need to work with yourself more; find different ways of doing things that are more suitable and easy, you can stick them in or use the pages no matter how you work in the notebook. 

Personally I’m a scrap piece of paper, receipts, pages of the notebook, post it’s and anything that I can lay my hands on basically. I’ve been like that for years because being writer for so long; I’ve been working on a routine that helps me to keep my ideas down, I’ve recently Stuck labels on my blog notebook but also labelled the year that I started it and when the notebook is finished I’ll write in it when the book is completed. 

You can get also ideas of how to set up a blog notebook or story notebook or anything along the lines of creatively using notebooks. It is simple way of doing things but I would recommend Pinterest for that sort of thing for creative things. Can’t stop you from using my idea to try out; there’s no harm done in working out how to do things, you just have to find your own leash that is more comfortable for you at the end of the day. 

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