Here we go once again!

I know I have just touched based with this and moved the original blog to Sunday Special; also due to the heat wave that we’ve been getting, the technology has been unbearable to handle even by holding it as it’s been over heating. So I had to get my notebook out to be able to pre-plan what I was going to write; to which I didn’t have to use any technology as much as I could on Tuesday to write this, but to be able to write it up when it was a lot cooler than it was throughout the day. 

Barley a week to recover from the tower fire; someone decides to attack a mosque in another part of London, to which point that the police are treating it as a terror attack because in recent events have been terror attacks. Accordingly to the event number 4. The attack had happened minutes when an ill man was being giving first aid by some of the public; who were near by the mosque, people came into the mosque which interrupted Ramadan Night Prayers that evening to help. 

Muslim worshippers had taken into their own hands like every other attacks that we had face; to hold him down as the attacker shouts at them all, stopping people from kicking him even further. They all had to wait for the police to arrive to which they had come immediately to the response; I couldn’t believe how well we all take it in our everyday lives to, take it in our daily routine if something like this happened we get on and just do it by going full steam ahead and help people. Even as I take my hate off to the muslim community and a few of my friends are muslims I have nothing against them what so ever; they are here to live what we live under, they respect our culture and we respect theirs. They help us and we help them; at the end of the day they proved to us and the world that we live in this country; you attack their country, then your attack my country that took us in. We are not letting you win. That to me is a strong message out everyone in the world.

Some politics say it’s just an incident that happened. Erm what planet are you on and where have you been in the last three to four months? They aren’t incidents they are terror attacks. Some politics are saying that it’s just an incident that has been continuing to happen; hang on a minute, how is it an incident? It’s a blooming terror attack; it’s okay for them getting protected from any harms way, we are the ones that are getting attacked and not being protected. That’s why we are taken this as our everyday lives now; along with taken it into our own hands that to help local services, because the politics can’t be bothered to do anything to help or do much about it. 

Prime-minister in talks with the religious leaders on how to protect their religion and their events; which means that the police have taken into account by stepping up the mark to help cover the rest of Ramadan and ED, to make sure everyone from Muslim community right through to all different religions and community to feel safer until it ends at the end of the month.

A man had died; along with 9 people were taken to 3 different hospitals, while 2 were being treated with minor injuries. No matter what happens these days; you have to treat everything as a terror attack, you never know if they were doing it alone or with a group of people. Yet we have to be really vigilant even more now; even we do get attacked every two weeks or so, it’s like as we just about to relax along side with the whole country’s cliffs. We get another attack or something that shocks the nation and the world. Yet we are setting a good example where at least we run towards the problem; than running away from it, to show that we aren’t afraid to do anything but in our mind set we are but you have to help the other people who need your help. What I’m asking is think to yourself where would you be in 5 years time if you look back and say I did that? I helped them when they needed someone the most. I wish I did something to help when someone was in that situation. Just ask yourself the questions what would you do? Would you run the other way or would run towards it? 

Video tribute to the attacks.

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