Friday Time Recap Time: Time to chill

I’m not your average 20+ year old who goes out on a Friday night just to get hammered or anything like that; I just like to chill, blog if I need to, watch things and have my bed to myself monjority of the time. I tend to go out if I have arranged something but that’s not all the time because money is tight these days but people who go out drinking wish they didn’t after the next day with a massive hangover. I happily just chill with my peeps over the phone and what not.

Wish I never read out the menu of Burger King now to a child to keep them occupied I really want a junkie food again. There’s my alcohol money goes to on junk food haha if I wanted to get waisted I would of gone out and do that but it just doesn’t appeal to me to get waisted like other people and cause fights.

What do you do on your Friday nights let me know? Just for fun as I’m just chilling out and not bothering to do anything.

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