Friday Time Recap Time: Survivor Story Of a Solider

As remembrance Day is drawing in. Every city, town and villages start to decorate their areas to commentate the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for us through World War One, World war 2 and the current wars in Syria and surrounding areas. We also must remember who are still fighting today but as they return they suffer extreme mental health and lost of limbs. Who are battling the next war in their minds. This is a story of what it might be like for a survivor of a solider.

This is a story that I’ve never told. Your now listening to me as I am crying out for your help but you think I’m just doing it for attention; thinking that I’m a bad person but all this is what I have seen in the war zone, yet I have to deal with my injuries, the scaring and the mental issues such like PTSD, Depression and many more. I have to get this off my chest and let it go.

I need you take back the light that the light the war had stole because that’s a criminal and it steals like a pro. All the pain and the truth I just wear it like a battle wound; yet deep down I’m so ashamed so confused, I sit in that room thinking I’m all alone, broken and bruised.

I’m now a warrior with thinker skin and stronger than I’ve ever been I have armour that’s made out of steel because you can’t get in because I’m a warrior once again. Knowing that you can’t hurt me again with the painful memories of what I’ve seen with all of the help that I need to get me by.

It’s like I’m coming out of the ashes of burning eagle; you can save your apologies because your nothing like a liar who don’t know what’s going on in the war zone, I got shame but I’ve also got scars that I will never have to show again. I’m survivor in so many’s than you know; there’s a part of me that I can’t get back as it only took one look, and I’ll be never be the same again. Yet I’m taking my life back today as there is nothing left for you to say because you were never going to take the blame anyways.

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