Friday Time Recap Time: Consequences of other people’s actions

Meanwhile whilst learning the consequences of ones own actions but others around them or around you seems to think that their own actions doesn’t seem to matter but to blame others but not themselves. I do find that I find myself in these situations now and then but when you try to remind the other person that they have to take the fall too but yet they are too far up themselves to realise. Until one day it comes back round to bite them in the arse; they soon come running back to say “you know something you’re right”, you’re like well guess what when I say this is going to happen then you know perfectly well it’s going to happen but thank you ever so much for the whole acknowledgment of your own faults.
It’s like you may call me everything under the sun but at the end of the day your words hurt more; especially with someone who may have mental health issues who already know that they are like it at the time of feeling down, who can’t defend themselves as they normally would and so it make them feel a lot worse. Then remind them how much they hurt you and everything but ignored it and etc in the past no matter how much you forgive them. That’s when they soon realise that they have done far worse than you ever done; your like well then sort yourself out and let me know when you decide not being an arse, help them not make it worse for them in the long run.
To be honest sometimes it’s best to cut people out or go away for awhile so you can clear your head. All I have to say actions speaks louder than words and consequences will all ways come back to bite you’re arse one way or another. No matter how much you try and stop it.

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