Friday Online Diary Entries: Welcome to the greatest show – Story

Woah oh! I just want to welcome you to the greatest show. The greatest show on earth that you haven’t seen before here is the fairytale that unfolds right in front of you; do you know what’s behind my smoke and glass? Wondering what’s under all of the make up and what’s her story; I’ll let you in a little secret everyone wears a mask, yet are you sure that she’s not selling you here soul? Would you wonder if you be left out in the cold if you knew her story?
To you it’s all blue skies in your world that surrounds you with fun and games until you fall; that’s when you find all along that you’re left without anyone at all because you’re riding on a shooting star with a smile on your face, but as soon as the shine fades and you’re left out all alone wondering where did they all go? Being constantly judged, hated by people who don’t think your great through like but behind the beauty and make up of the mask; you never see the scars that’s been hidden, yet who will be around when the limelight faded? Yet you’ve been shut down by people who you once loved pushed out that made her smile but made her frown.
She learnt to always take a bow. Work with the crowd. Break the ground new each time you stick at it even playing the clown who everyone wants to be around. Even when the lights go down because she has that confidence that no one thought she had; now she can tell you she’s not going anywhere because she is the one that everyone who wants to talk to, she knows that no one can bring her down no matter what they say because she is beautiful and has wings to fly.
No matter how many times she would throw the mirror down to floor; she always use the pain to her advantage because she realises that she’s in struck able, she’s not alone when she screams it all out and hears everyone else screaming the same thing. So that’s why it’s her greatest show by changing her life around.

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