Everyday Online Diary Entries – (6.7.18) Friday – Good positive motivation

After this mornings run for work and playing nursery rhymes to which I have to admit that I was literal falling asleep because of it but it’s part of a job to be honest knowing what a child likes and what not. As soon as I got back I had a bit of a nap before I did anything because I was literally so tired; along with the fact I was feeling so anxious about things and feeling sick because of my nerves to which I found that I just need to eat something before hand to steady them. 

This week had started from bad to a good week by the end due to the fact that the kids that I’ve worked with enjoyed having me on their run. They just love the fact I’m just one people who are just too relaxed along with fun side of things unless they go over board with being hyped or being rude about something or to someone. 

Having the motivation of being positive and fun about things no matter how bad things are at least you know you can do something to make you feel better when you know someone who needs it the most. It’s like saying it’s okay to feel down but it’s okay everything is going to be fine. Even if it’s a hug hugs are the best things I have been told that my hugs are the best it makes them feel good. If making the other person feel good it makes you feel good. 

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