Everyday Topics – Romance – For the love of Valentine’s Day

I decided that this year I’ll do a bit of research into Valentines’s Day to understand where and how it came about. The more I look into it from Wikipedia to History Documentaries on the good old internet. To be perfectly honest with you it’s quite confusing if you ask me more so than before and how it began lots of different stories behind it all.

The first one that I found was around 5th century Valentine’s Day was named after a Christian Martyr to which has its origins of Roman Holiday Lupercalia. To which carried on for centuries where people exchange cards, sweets or flowers for someone who is their “valentine”.

Second point that I have found about St. Valentine’s Day is that in 1929 there was a massacre that happened in North Clark Street in Chicago where four men had dressed as police officers entering the gangster Bugs Moran’s headquarters. They had lined seven of Moran’s henchmen against a wall and shot them to death. However it’s now believe to be called St Valentine’s day Massacre; the reason for it is because there’s two gangs who are at war with each other, the arch rivals are called “Al Capone” and “Bugs Moran”.

I could go on for hours giving you lots of points about where it originated from but at the end of the day lots of people tell you different things. Valentine’s Day for me it’s like a normal everyday thing for me you tell someone that you love them everyday and etc. Partly what’s put me off is where people just spoil each other rotten for the day; show them how much they appreciate each other, and everything. I don’t know maybe it’s just me being different and don’t understand it; yet due to being in a new relationship, it was a whole new territory for me because I’m not use to it and I’m going in open minded and I’m not one of those sorts of people who likes to be spoilt rotten or anything. Little things that are cute and meaningful to me that I’ll treasure a lot. That means a lot too me and shows that I’ve play apart in someone’s life who cherish my love, support, caring and etc. All I’m saying is little things that you do for people everyday and they appreciate what you do.

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