Luxurious Beauty: Does anyone else’s hair drives them nuts?

It’s that time of year when it’s still cold but slightly getting warmer but yet so far; you like I can’t be bothered to wash your hair that certain day, and yet you regret it so much the next day because it drives you nuts because it itches so much. Does anyone else have that problem at all?
I find that mine combines with the weather where it reacts the scalp as much as it can then drives me nuts; I then have to get up to go and wash it to make it stop, once I’m up I’m up after that and it’s like my last alarm if it’s work day like it’s telling me “get up…get up…I don’t care if your on stand by wash me….wash me I want to feel fabulous and I want to make you fabulous”

Yes I tend I fall out with my hair when I want a lay in; I tend to fall out most things with myself it’s how I can work with myself on most things, then I forgive it and then forgive myself because I know that I know I’m fabulous. This may sound big headed or far fetch from a far but I’m not that forgiving towards myself most of the time; as I’m quite tough on myself with positive and negative, yet that’s how I get through life and then people wonder how I cope with things.

I for one love my hair especially when I know that I love the fact that the red brings me out more than any other colour that I’ve dyed it. I think I’ve red and blonde has to be the longest colour that I’ve been; blonde was throughout my teens to early adult life with hint of brown and black in the middle then hitting about 25 years old I just stuck with red ever since. I’ve been dying it for so long I can barely tell you what my original colour is; yet I can guess its dark brown from my eye brows and my routes minus the grey hairs that I have coming through. More of a reason to dye it until I completely comfortable with it when I’m older that’s if I actually stop dying it haha.

It’s taken me along time to accept the curls and the frizz of my hair I wouldn’t straighten it because I know it won’t last long because it will just go back to the whole “you can’t tame me. Just give up now” so I have but I do use the hair extensions to try and tame as much as possible. Which it does work to the point of it looks more nicer than anything; the fact that people look at me and wonder how I do it but I’m like I don’t even try it’s natural, take it up with both of my nan and my grandma haha. I’m not the only one that struggles with it all trust me.

Yet I love my hair and the way I do it because it’s me and makes me confident about myself and I know I feel fabulous about myself. It’s like tells me off if I’m having a bad day or I’m having a lazy day that enough is enough it’s time to make you fabulous no matter how long it takes you. Just do it.

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