Wednesday Post: New Project Coming To May 2018

I was trying to think of what to do with all of my colour in art pictures as I’m proud of them and wanted to share the pictures with you guys. However I wanted to keep this separate to the art and other projects that I want to do with in the near future; that was when I had an idea of creating another sort blog under a different name, to be able to spread lots more loving and positive things.

The new blog site is called “Life on the open road project” which you can subscribe or follow which is Life on the open road project is where I find that my life is like an open book but on the road as I spend most of my time on the roads these days now due to my job. I like it because it gets me out of the house and explore areas that I haven’t been before but get paid to do it. I’m only explaining a little bit around what I do for a living whilst blogging and writing takes off slowly.

As you can tell that I’ve been starting to use some of my art work on the categories now because I’m impressed how they turned out to be. Also having “Life on the road project” comes to play with us I can share the pictures on each blog post I find that each picture has a story tell as I colour them in. I do them without even thinking about it but yet that’s what life is about an open road that will take you anywhere you want to go.

I’ve written this blog post a few times for a Wednesday everyday post; I had lots of ideas where I was going to talk about my day, talk about mental health and what not. I couldn’t even bring myself to write any of these topics at all because I was so down about myself until it gave me the confidence to think I really like my pictures and I want to share them with the people. How can I share them with people? That was when “Life on the open road project” came to me to say try this out and see where it will take you. You know you’re very own blog is taking off why not create a new side line with things that you love the most.

So here we are guys and girls why not also follow and subscribe to Life on the open road project as well to read a bit more contents that is coming your way. You get the best of both worlds of having more blogs to read.

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