The Unknown Fear: The 24K Magic Prince (Part 2 full works)

As the dream faded, she chased it, forlorn she was so tired of telling the officers who didn’t understand her that everything that found out about her was a lie. Her body was bruised, fragile and she hadn’t had anything to eat for days. She was getting sick now hoping that her big brother would come and save her now. Wished she had invited him to come with her all along now; being her she wish she didn’t want her big brother protecting her all the time, nor his security team tagging along but she only found out that one of the security personal had been following her this whole time. He tried to help her when all this happened he watched helplessly as the door closed behind her.

Across the other side of the country of Dubai an email had sprung up on the Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan phone to which had urgent on the subject; the email address didn’t look familiar but as he opened it up that’s when he knew that it was from his long lost best friend, who he had thought been killed in a helicopter or something as he went missing himself. He read the email but he didn’t recognise the girl or remembered his friend having a sister.

Yet Hamdan could see the resemblance within her looks of beauty that she was the sister of his long best friend. The long wavy hair coming down to her shoulders, eyes shone blue, make up neatly done and a beautiful smile. Hamdan really didn’t expect her to be in trouble if she had a brother who was millionaire; he did think why the hell did she not take some of her brother’s security or have her brother come with her, those sort of questions bothered him the most to be honest. When he read more on the matter he was even more shocked that the beautiful lady in the picture suffers from anxiety, anorexia and depression since his long lost friend’s father had passed away many years ago in the helicopter crash. That’s what now made sense to Hamdan they published the wrong Robert on the news.

Hamdan got up ran to his fathers office; he knew that he shouldn’t be disturbing his father in a important meeting, but this was huge if his father didn’t step in right that instant. As he burst in his father looked over with a grey look across his face like his health was playing up but actually he looked like he had seen a ghost.

“Hamdan. Can you deal with this one please.” Asked his father like he was going to be sick at any moment.
“Yes father” exclaimed Hamdan

Hamdan managed to pull strings once he got to the prison. When all of the prison guards were frightened of the royals were brought in to solve some cases. They soon realise that they had the wrong person and that they had the daughter of the kings best friend Robert Senior Mason.  There was a load banging knock on her cell door. She wasn’t too sure if it was the knock that had woken her; there were people coming in she woke up trying to scream, thinking that she was going to get another beating from the officers but there was a familiar voice and strong scent that she remembered. “Danny” she croaked. “It’s okay I’m here along with Prince Hamdan” he soothes her as he carried her out. The sun beamed made her scrunch her eyes up which prompted Hamdan to put his spare glasses on her eyes to block the sunlight.

Once they arrived at the palace everyone rushed to their aid but soon realised that it set Melissa off thinking that she entered into another prison. Everyone backed away Danny the security guard managed to calm her down; Prince Hamdan and Danny took Melissa to the furthest chambers (bedroom) from everyone else, they made sure no one was allowed to go in unless they had permission or the doctor. The first thing that Melissa wanted to do was have a bath and have clean clothes. To which Prince Hamdan took it into his pride that he will fetch some clothes for her; more likely someone else will get them, whilst the doctor will come and attend to give her a look over.

A helping young lady who works for the royal family became her maid; she helped gently into the bath, also helped gently was her to get rid of the dirt and mud she had endured in the prison cell. Once the clothes had arrived Melissa wobbled a bit but the maid quickly but gently propped her up; they both smiled at each other like they were reassuring each other that everything was going to be fine, as they came out of the bathroom into the room Melissa looked at Danny and Prince Hamdan. Danny looks at her with a big smile on his face like “that’s the girl I know” Hamdan stood still with amazement that the girl who he had to go and save turned into a beautiful lady.

He didn’t really realise that he was being spoken to by the maid until she was up close with Melissa trying to get her on the bed. “Excuse me your highness. Miss Mason needs to rest.” She said patiently “oh of course she does. I’m sorry I’ll move at the way”

As Melissa fell asleep as you the doctor had arrived; she had to wake up again to be examined, it wasn’t before long that she was allowed to go to sleep but as Melissa was settling down again on the bed, the doctor wanted to a private word to Danny however he was hovering for a bit and looked at Melissa. The maid could sense the worry of leaving Miss Mason on her own; she touched his arm for reassurance she had spoken in english “Prince Hamdan and I will stay with Miss Mason until you sort things out with the doctor” Prince Hamdan realised what was happening when everyone was looking at him for a response.

“Yes of course and inform Mr Mason what’s happening as well. Saeed will take you to a private room to which you can involve Mr Mason as well.” Answered Hamdan
Both men left Hamdan sat in the corner of the room but near the to the bed just doing some bits and pieces; every murmur, every whimper, every little cry that Melissa made it would make him stop what he was doing and he would become anxious. He knew that she was having nightmares but he couldn’t touch her or protect her from them.

As few days passed Melissa was sitting up talking and etc. There was something not quite about the window that Melissa didn’t like; as she got out of her bed she went over pulling over a silky dressing gown by the time she got to the window she wrapped it around her, she then noticed in the distance in the sand dunes on the line a few heavy military facing the palace.

Melissa had started to have a panick attack she ran out of her room; running passed the maid, Danny and Saeed ignoring their calls after her, she got to Hamdan’s room knocking loudly with panic sound. Hamdan opened the door to which he found her standing there crying without any prompting she wrapped her arms around him. Hamdan wrapped his arms around like she had accepted him touching her.

In her sobs he could make out the words that sounded like the military is here on the outskirts on the sand dunes. He froze as he still holding her he knew she hadn’t done wrong why are they still after her. Hamdan saw Saeed and inform his father that there’s a heavy presence around the palace. Saeed knew what he meant he rushed the direction of the Kings office….

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