Superdrug Haul: Start of my Superdrug Haul Part 1 (May 2018)

Boom! First part of my Superdrug Haul for May 2018; I’ve started to fill my make up box with make up as I’ve been running out, replacing my make up slowly but steadily however some of the bottles won’t fit but I think I have to work around it and along with the other new things that I need to get soon. So there is going to be Part 2 of Superdrug Haul when I get round to get the rest of the of the make up. However I will share my list that I have left to get and each time I make the next Superdrug Haul I’ll write up what ones I managed to get and see what’s left to get on my list. Now here’s what I’ve got so far before I start making my list for the next Haul list.

I had to try out a new foundation from E.L.F. As Barry M had stopped making my foundation in a cylinder like bottle; so I brought myself foundation natural (sunscreen flawless finish) I didn’t realise that it was the same one that I have been using the past week from my sister to which I’ve now given back. Going to replace it for her on the next round I think that’s if I remember to get it; I then got Face Primer Neutralising Green Tone Adjusting I do have to confess I have nicked some of my sister in a small pot and I don’t think she noticed if she did oops but it’s a good usage, then also brought Poreless Face Primer Clear (yes I did nick some of my sisters) it’s okay my sister won’t even read this but I’m slowly going to replace it. All three were expensive but worth using each one cost £7.50. Hang on let do the maths 3 X £7.50 = £22.50.

The next one is Collection I brought two off the new shade that they brought out which is called “Extra Fair” Lasting Perfection Concealer which cost £4.19 X 2 = £8.38. I use the Collection Concealer fair bit amount ooh just made a pun or a connection with the Concealer. Hehe.

Since I think they stopped making my other B. Micellar not quite sure didn’t really look properly to be honest but I thought try Nivea MicellAir Skin Breathe Make Up Remover which cost me £4.29. I didn’t get myself another Garnier Skin Active because they only had one left but it had a bit of a dent on it so I didn’t want to get until next time I’ll get it when they have more in.

The last think that I brought was Barry M Flawless Brightening Primer purple colour it’s the first time using it; because normally I use a purple primer from Collection, but I want to give this Barry M Flawless Brighting Primer ago. It’s cost me £5.99.

All in all it cost me £34.75 I had saved £9.24 for 10 items by the way I did have two drinks as well. They don’t count do they as beauty haul do they? That’s what I thought no. Thanks.

Now for my next shopping haul in Superdrug that I need is: (will put it in to sections because it’s easier for me and for you guys)

– Collection: Sheer Loose Powder, Pressed Powder

– Maybelline New York/London: The Nudes Eyeshadow

– Revolution London: Ultra Cream Contour Palette, Ultra Based Corrector Palette, Ultra Contour Kit Lighting Contour.

– Cotton Pads

I think there should be more than that but I can’t remember what they are. If there’s things that you want me to try let me know down below because I’m interested and up to trying new things. See you in my next Superdrug Haul.

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