Sunday Updates 2018: 7th January 2018 – Collecting my thoughts

I’ve decided to take a break for awhile so that I can collect my thoughts and create more topics and stories for the Weeklyblogs. It’s not a goodbye I am not quitting the blogging world at all; I just need a bit of space but also take my time to create more fun things, I will be back don’t you worry your little heads about it. I just don’t want to repeat myself the same topics over and over again.

Please remember there are loads of other blogs on my website for you to read as well; whilst your waiting for me with the new gadgets and etc for the world of mine, don’t forget that I do have a facebook page lizzysweeklyblogs, instagram @lizzyloveoflife and Twitter @lizzysmornings for you to follow in the meantime.

I will give you regular updates as well so that you guys know I haven’t forgotten about you at all. It’s just want to get things into place and create new works for you guys to like and read. As I’m struggling to write them currently at the moment. The joys of writer’s blocks to be honest with you.

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