Sunday Special Topics: When someone asks you to read something?

I’m one of those people who hate reading out loud especially when I was at school because I knew I struggle reading at the best of times and refuse to as I know I would be laughed at etc. So I would void it completely unless everyone was taking it in turns then there was no way I could get out of it but to be honest there wasn’t much to read out loud over the years at secondary school (high school).
It wasn’t because I was dumb or refused to it was because I knew I would struggle with certain words in text books due to the fact that I have a learning disability. Which means I have dyslexia and language difficulties; you may think that I write so many blogs, stories and etc how on earth I have this learning difficulties, I actually keep it quiet and just fight my way through it. Yeah I through in now and then words or have the wrong language tense in once in a while so that people who know me that has it be like this isn’t her sort of writing then realise “oh wait yeah it is”.
It only really got to me when a grandparent asked me how to read something because they couldn’t say the word (by the way they have dementia and they read a lot but forgets words easily) then I was great she’s asking me how to pronounce “RailRoad” it was bad enough I struggle with my R’s at the best of times. I literally had to concentrate whilst speaking loudly because they can’t hear; it took me at least 5 attempts to get it right whilst they were trying to hear, my parents however were in the garden pruning the trees back so it was me and my grandparent no one else could come and save me on that front.
It doesn’t bother me if I struggle but it’s annoying when I have to constantly concentrate on certain words if I’m talking to someone or want to use a good word. I give up and try something else because it’s getting to the point I just get upset and annoyed with myself more than the other person. I genuinely pick fights with myself because that’s how I know I have to try harder than any one else. Without writing I wouldn’t of made so much progress with my spelling but there’s people who are like me who would just give up and not even bother to prove themselves to get better. I chose to write than continue with maths I hate maths with a passion.
Any further or do I’m starting to ramble a bit I think so I’m going to stop there haha. We all know when I start to ramble I’m like running out of ideas. Hehe. Catch you laters.

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