Star Light Categories: (17.6.18) Sunday – Update in June 2018

Hey guys I just wanted to quickly update you what has happened and give a few massive shout outs to a few people. I would like to apologise for not posting a blog or blogs today (17.6.18) like I  normal would; I did start with a title, a picture all ready to get started but it couldn’t function what so ever and I was struggling and ill.

However I am on slowly on the mends of getting better now with the support that I’ve been receiving along with seeing you guys continually reading my blogs. Knowing how awesome you guys are of being positive if there’s not been a blog or so posted. Thank you for coming to the rescue on your amazing stags over the weekend knowing that you wouldn’t let you’re fellow stag and friend down. You’re love means the world to me and guidance of not giving up.

Most importantly my family and few of my friends coming to the rescue when I needed it the most without them I don’t know what I would do to be honest. Mental health isn’t easy on anyone from the one who’s suffering with it and the closeness of family and friends.

Also one massive HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all of the fathers out there and especially mine as he’s awesome in his own special way.

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