Sponsored Stories: Update on the Payment/Donations

Hey guys I just like to update you on a few things on my sponsored stories and payment/donation pages and post. Each sponsored stories will have a donate me button on each page in case you can’t make up you’re mind on which charity you want to donate the 50% will go to them as per normal. If you have decided to go for Help for Heroes or Challengers who are local charity of mine please go to Payment/Donations and the money will go straight to them.

There is a set target for both Help for Heroes I’m trying to raise is £1,600.00 on that page that I’ve set up and linked up for you guys. To go donate yourselves. Also Challengers there is a set target of £650.00 if we can get more than that. It would be so awesome if we can beat that target for the charity.

Thank you for the donations if you are willing to help any way as possible. If you can or going to thank you very much indeed. “Go for gold” as a learning support worker once said to me. Thank you. 

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