Sponsored Stories: Introduction

Before I start writing the stories for charities and charity cases I thought I’ll do an introduction about why I decided to stories that are relevant to the causes. The reason is because Challengers is my local charity as you can see the second picture in the picture of the inside the building which is new but last year it had a fire and they had to rebuild the inside once again buy everything that was smoke damaged. The new building was built a few years ago I think it was about 2015 celebrating its 35th birthday; the charity is a respite for children who have special needs from autism, cerebral and many other health conditions. The charity gives their family time to spend time with each other along with their other children who may feel left out as their sibling is the one that has the more attention. Yet each child that comes to Challengers will have either a one to one or just enjoy playing by themselves or with their friends or a float depending on who is working that day.

Helping for Heroes is for the injured soldiers who need help whether to come back from fighting in a war zone and suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, lost a limb and many other injuries which will stop them from continuing working in the army. With any money that is giving to them it will help them rehabilitate them back into everyday life with support of the charity and the people who are working with them each day. This will also help them to be able to enjoy being with their family and friends without feeling like they are stopping them from going out because they can’t; they want to live once again, to continue a new chapter in their life that is something new, no matter how much their injuries that they may received from a war zone they can get on with their life like nothing has happened and they can become happier and to be able to take part in things that are suited to them.
There are also a few cases that I have written about before about children who have lost their parents, who are ill, struggling to pay for school fees and many other problems. This is a still on going problem out in Africa at the moment but all I’m asking is if you can help by donating the money will go to them as well but I’ll let their stories tell you.

Each story that I’ll be writing from now on for the sponsored will have a donate button at the end so that if you can help no matter how big or small 50% of the money will go to each cause which will be decided up equally 25% will go to both of the main charities of the year if you wanted to help with the children in Africa for all three causes it would be 12%. No matter how small or big amounts you can donate the thought counts at the end of the day.

Thank you

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