Sponsored Stories: “Face to Face” – Story Based

It’s a true sign of a solider to get back up again from an injury whether it’s visible or invisible taking caring of the hearts around us the whole world loves a hero. There’s always a leader that has a shoulder to cry on that’s what we are to them; everyone can see how much you care for people when we’re face to face with different difficulties, whether it’s a special needs child having a bad day themselves or the unsung heroes having a difficult day and the music continues to play.
Standing side by side putting the past behind us no one can take your place that’s when we’re face to face the measure of the strength of a human by the weight of the love around them; along with one sweet light turning on in the darkness where someone comes forward to guide us all like a pilot asking if we like some help, that’s what it’s like to me everyone around believes that each unsung heroes and special needs children have the right to be in this world.,
When you live your life with a passion where you have people just walk on past ignoring you like they can take anything for granted until they witness someone else who helps out showing that nothing you do should take for granted. Even if a child is having a bad day or a true hero is having one they take each day for granted that they are still here even if they don’t understand.
Yet people who have kind hearts show you love, kindness make you believe in yourself ones more you will find it again. You are the world to me like a heart is wide like the ocean where you aim to climb every mountain and the unknown will help you understand it.

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