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I’ve been letting you down I know I’ve been such a fool into giving temptation of giving up the difficulties that I have to face thinking I’m alone with this injury but I know the situation got out of hand. I hope you understand and forgive me. The realisation of how difficult it is for children who are disabled not to do anything that they want to do; it’s not their fault they are like it, it’s not my fault I’m like it as I’ve doing it for my Queen and my country and I know it’s the rebels and terrorist caused it. 

Now I understand it can happen to anyone of us, anyone you think of can fall and anyone can hurt someone that they love when they feel low. Hearts will break because pushing people way I’d stupid. It can happen to anyone of us say you will forgive me anyone can fail say you will believe me; I don’t want to lose you for my stupidity of moments without you I am nothing, you gave me something to believe in and it if wasn’t for you that I’m fighting for I would of stopped. 

On the long and winding road leads me to your door which never disappears; I’ve see. This road before it always leads me here to your door even the wild and windy nights that rain washed away all the painful memories had left a pool of tears for the day we both cry; why leave me standing here let me know the way many times I’ve been alone I’ve cried, and you’ll never know many ways that I’ve tried to save people lives even children’s lives but they still lead me back to the long winding road. 

Knowing that they are there to help me get back onto my feet with you by my side. I now under how hard it is to lose everything and deal with my disability. Understanding of how hard it is for families with a child with a disability and losing everything that I use to have but people don’t understand how hard it is until it happens to them. I would like to remind you as from a solider it can happen to anyone of us. 

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