Sorry Not Sorry: Will Do If I Got A Chance Mr Hughes

The past men in my life who did me wrong or could of had me but sacrificed me for someone else or something else.

The day that I remembered you had walked out the door; I would cry, sleep and stay awake for days and yet no pill or drink would peal me off the floor or my bed. Nothing seemed to ease the pain for what you did to me. Listen to me honey. I have something new to say to you; I forgive but can’t forget all your faults and mistakes, now it’s time for you pay.

Mr Hughes. Now you got the blues. All of your school dreams never went to far; your just Mr Hughes who just missed his chance to be with a star like me, guess what I’m not missing you. This is for all the times you broke my heart; along with all of the years that you led me on, now you are asking me to start a brand new beginnings with you. I’m sorry you’re way too late and now I’m gone.

How can you be so stupid thinking that I wouldn’t see through? Because I always do; now that I’ve got a new man, he’s ten times the man you could ever be Mr. Hughes.

I’m not missing you at all.

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