Saturday Topics: Today’s Topic is Creativity!

So last night (23.3.18) I was looking up different types of topics to talk about because I really wanted to do something worth while along with trying to stay awake as much as possible because I slept monjority of the day due to personal issues at the time.
Creativity is one of my important things in my life because I love creating knew ways in doing things whether it’s for myself or whilst I’m on the job you can say I’m more physical than academic I just finding sitting behind the desk boring and dull. You don’t need to have an a qualification to be creative in my opinion but it depends on what you wanting to do. However for me I like to work things out how I can improve my creativity in so many ways on my own I like that without being criticised by people who think they know better.
Creativity can be learnt if a friend wants to give something ago them go along with them but to be honest like in my last paragraph I prefer to teach myself and learn what was a good way to do things. To be honest I like to find different ways to improve my creativity by trying things out that will help me at the time.
I don’t know who’s the most creative person I know to be honest I can’t think on top of my head right now who that can be but I always believe in people who have got a good creative side of things to pursue it because it gives some sort of positive towards themselves and most importantly it’s a hobby that doesn’t die away.
I sometimes use my creativity with my job depending on the situation at the time if something is wrong I’ll have to think about how to change it around so that I’m in control of the situation not the child or if a child needs medical attention then I’ll work on my magic on that. Normally I like to have a happy chatty time when I’m on my job not when urgent attention is needed well try and reduce it as much as possible.
This topic was found on there’s 101 topics that you can talk about and what’s relevant or related to you and to be honest it will keep you going for awhile longer than normal. Yay fun creativity time for you all. Hehe.

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